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Wir fangen an!


Today my semester began! I had two classes and absolutely love them both.

My first class is a three and a half long class about the world cup and the history of soccer along with how the world cup brings out so much as an international competition. It’s really neat and fun. I’m a little bummed…

moussaka? yea kinda, it’s eggplant layered with meat sauce and bechamel.

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I made my Aspergers public today…

In less than an hour, 30+ people have liked my post, and a few others have commented with love and support. I’m on the train headed to school literally crying because the support is so overwhelming!!! I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life who love me for who I am, and I couldn’t be happier. :) Please wear blue today in support of autism awareness!!

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lamest April Fools joke ever..

I changed my birthday to today, and just kinda let the “happy birthday” posts come rolling in. today isn’t even my birthday!! my birthday is actually in July lol!! some people think it was funny, others lame. it just got old after awhile, bit I can’t change it back for a few days.

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rant for the day

99 out of 100 teachers on this great planet all have one common trait: they’re self-centered. They think that their class is the most important. No matter how heavily it’s weighted or the significance of the assignment, I should do everything for them and nothing for my other classes. They’re also all WRONG!!!! I am currently in 5 classes, 4 ensembles, sing at my church, take voice lessons, and have household chores to take care of. I can’t do everything, and my teachers don’t get that. And then they get pissy with me because of it.

Even though..maybe numbering measures is more important than a take-home exam. Maybe having photocopies of music is more important than writing a paper on the Iliad. Maybe learning French for a jury in May is more important than studying aural skills for a midterm TODAY!!!!

I know it’s my fault for taking on so much and putting it off, but my teachers need to realize that I can’t do everything. There are only so many hours in a day, I’ve barely slept in 2 weeks, and I’m about ready to explode.